Modern cow boy p2

 After analyzing the history of western culture i suddenly realize why western inspired clothing had come back in winter blogs such as #Thetanboutique that has only outfits inspired by suede,materials, colors such as brown,beige,grey and light pink .All trends that were worn in the past,Its safe to say that old fashion is coming back in a modernized way that is considered cool,its ironic that fashion was considered cool then and now its cool again you would think the world should be moving forward and not backwards.

2016-02-23 17.34.442016-02-23 17.34.582016-02-23 17.35.172016-02-23 17.35.182016-02-23 17.35.132016-02-23 17.34.192016-02-23 17.35.012016-02-23 17.34.182016-02-23 17.34.532016-02-23 17.34.19-42016-02-23 17.34.19-12016-02-23 17.34.542016-02-23 17.34.432016-02-23 17.34.162016-02-23 17.34.392016-02-23 17.34.39-12016-02-23 17.34.19-32016-02-23 17.34.19-2


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